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Servicing all Suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria.

Steam Cleaning Carpet & Rugs / Upholstery

Steam cleaning of carpet or rugs should happen once or twice a year depending on the amount of traffic or stains, by using the steam cleaning services that we provide you will eliminate different types of bacteria that grow in your carpets, not only will your carpets or rugs smell refreshed they will look like new.

Flood Restoration

Water Damage Can Be Caused By Natural Disasters, Flooding, Burst Pipes or Leaks.

SOS Steam Cleaning provide a 24/7 flood restoration services for when you need it fixed A.S.A.P

We have an advanced truck mounted system which will help you dry out your carpets as well as drying equipment and the necessary treatments to prevent more damage from happening to your property. Air movers, de humidifiers, anti-bacterial and anti-browning are some of the tools needed to fix you water damages.

Water damaged carpet left wet for a long period of time can become mouldy and smell. It can be a health hazard to your family and friends it is essential to get it fixed A.S.A.P. so you can save your carpets.

Hard Floor Pressure Cleaning
Tile & Grout

Hard floor pressure cleaning services that we provide to fresehen up your indoor to outdoor hard floors surfaces and make them look like news.

This includes surface such as tile & grout cleaning, concrete, pavers, driveways, or your swimming pool areas.

Boat Cleaning

Boat cleaning inside and out from steam cleaning the carpets to washing the outside Saltwater and other elements can damage a vessel of any size, and it’s important to have a boat cleaned properly remove it.

When saltwater is left on a boat it erodes the surfaces, causing irreparable damage. Our cleaning team will expertly scrub your boat from top to bottom, protecting it from saltwater damage.

After Builders Cleaning

When it comes to finishing a construction or renovation commercial or domestic SOS can fix it all for you details matter significantly for your home ,office, shop and more Our company is more than capable of handling your dust, rubble, derby & more in a efficient and professional manner. Trust the voice of experience! Who knows how important results are, we are well aware of the fact the finishing touches are essential. That’s why we’re here to offer you an excellent service at a reasonable price rate.